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perception-iconTo have safer buildings, we help contractors to solve technical problems, and to comply with the legislations & regulations, from the project inspection phase to the delivery of the construction.


perception-iconWithout compromising on our mission, we are planning to establish partnerships with financial, technical and administrative institutions in the national and international arena in order to provide better services.


perception-iconWe offer high quality building and project controlling, site inspection and consultancy services in compliance with the Turkish legislations and regulations of the Ministry of City and Environment.


perception-iconFrom designing and building environmentally sustainable structures to improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings, we are willing to help via our wide range of solution partners.

Selected Projects

Kavuklar – Apartment Building

Project Date: 2012 Size: 35174m²

School for Mentally Handicapped Children

Project Date: 2013 Size: 2159m²

Günes Kent – Apartment Building

Project Date: 2013 Size: 14380m²

Ege Koop 25. Year Housings

Project Date: 2012 Size: 32591m²

35. Sokak – Country Houses

  Project Date: 2011 Size: 106680m²

Mubea – Manisa Production Facility

Project Date: 2013 Size: 9829m²

Metin Tur

Project Date: 2011 Size: 934m²

Löher Lifts

Project Date: 2011 Size: 11649m²


  • Avrasya supported us at our all constructions sites with their experienced staff. We wish to continue working with them not only because they are providing trustworthy services but also being friendly.
    Gumrukcu Construction
  • Avrasya Yapi Denetim A.S. is one of the leading companies in this its sector with professional team players. Our project quality includes Avrasya Yapı Denetim signature.
    Yücesoy Construction
  • They gained our gratitude with their positive human relations and quick responses to client requests. Their attention and team spirit during and after work is significant.

    İnka Construction